history of civilizations

Staff Objectives Seminars
Committees General Activities


   Director:      Dr. Reza Shabani
   Secretary:   Ali Mohammad Tarafdrai


  1. History of Ancient Iranian Civilization

  2. History of Islamic Civilization

  3. History of Post-Islamic Iranian Civilization


  • Preparing the groundwork for dialogue among all recognized civilizations of the world

  • Conducting research on Iranian culture and civilization, and its influence in the world, specifically during the Islamic era

General Activities

  • Reviewing the civic history of Iran and other countries of old civilizations in the world

  • Inviting other countries’ distinguished scholars of History and History of Civilization to attend specialized seminars and lectures
  • Launching offices of the Dept. of History of Civilizations in Universities of Shiraz, Mashhad and Tabriz
  • Proposing translation of books on civilizational relations between Iran and other countries during the history and the wide influences of other civilizations on that of Iran and vice versa
  • Recommending theses material with regard to the History of Civilizations to PhD and MA students
  • Holding local lectures on different aspects of the history of Civilizations of Iran and the world, and their role in the promotion of dialogue among civilizations
  • Holding monthly gatherings to discuss top issues of the day, important events and figures of the history of Iran, and to present the civilizational picture of Iran at different times


  • International seminar of "Iran and West from each other's point of view in the 19th century" (to be held in the winter of 2002)