Women’s March leader on ‘ungovernable’ remarks: Abortion bans, ‘attacks on voting rights’ linked

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The president of the Women’s March organization told Fox News women are “on a crash course with the law” in abortion, adding state-by-state election security laws have eroded voting rights similarly to how state governments’ trigger laws would with abortion regulation.Rachel O’Leary Carmona also suggested elections in some precincts may not be “fair” in terms of voter access, which she claimed could muddy the legitimacy of state laws governing abortion.Carmona joined “The Story” to respond to recent video of her calling on Women’s March followers to become “ungovernable” and discussing a potential “summer of rage” if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. WadeMEHMET OZ CALLS FOR REPUBLICAN UNITY, SAYS ‘ELECTION IS OURS’
Abortion-rights supporters
(AP/Bruce Schreiner)When pressed on the “rage” remarks, Carmona said it translates to the 400-plus pro-choice marches and an event that recently drew thousands to Washington. “We’re going to channel that rage into action, as we have done over the last five years of Women’s March advocacy. And that means taking to the streets, protesting, talking to our elected officials, and certainly taking our power to the polls,” she said.PA PRIMARY FAVORITES BUCKED ESTABLISHMENTIn terms of her call for followers to be “ungovernable,” Carmona said it reflects her view the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion could trigger a “crash course” between women and the courts, adding women will have to decide whether to follow an “unjust law.”Host Martha MacCallum pushed back on her claims about gerrymandering and red-state governments causing issues in regard to abortion rights, in that Oklahoma voters elected the state legislators who passed a strict abortion ban this week.Carmona said that if Americans were able to ensure “fair elections where everybody has equal access,” criticisms of state-by-state trigger laws may be different.CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP “We have to understand the connection between the attacks on voting rights and the attack on abortion rights as part of a broader campaign and strategy,” she said.MacCallum later asked why Americans cannot, if Roe v. Wade is overturned, vote for state-by-state laws governing abortion at different chronologies.”We’ve seen in many states across the country attacks on voting rights and things like that. So if we have an opportunity to vote in a fair election where everybody has equal access, that would be different,” Carmona said.Carmona also accused Republicans of “packing” courts litigating abortion laws and making their benches “not representative of a majority of Americans.””We have to go over and above the obstacles that have been put in front of us and the difficulty to vote,” she said, arguing the idea of returning abortion regulatory power to state governments is “not a serious argument.”

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