What is the truth in accusing Muhammad Ramadan of theft?

You are now following the news Muhammad Ramadan accused of theft What is the truth, and now with details

BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – Sadiq’s accusation comes in the wake of his new song “If You Forget I Think of You,” performed by Muhammad Ramadan with singer Shahinaz.

And Adele wrote in a post on his personal account on the “Facebook” website: “Very, very important, the new song of Star Mohammed Ramadan. They are trying to close it now.”

And he added: “The important thing is that I was surprised that this song was written in the titers that it was composed by Brother Sherif Abada and it is a scam and public theft.

And he added: “I want my right and ask for it with all politeness and respect. I want all people to help me to convey my voice and answer my right from so called Sharif Ubadah because I believe that Star Muhammed Ramadan and Rotana company were cheated.. It is impossible for them to know about this public theft and God knows best. “

“I want all my journalist friends to pursue this matter and help me to get my right by all fair means,” he concluded.

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