What are the functions of the Upper Egypt Development Authority? .. the law answers

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Cairo – Law No. 157 of 2018 regarding the establishment of the Samia Said – Upper Egypt Development Authority specifies the terms regarding the Board of Directors of the Authority. It is the supreme authority that dominates and manages its affairs and can do whatever it takes. Decisions deemed necessary to achieve the objectives for which the Authority was established within the framework of the general plan of the State. He exercises his powers in the manner indicated in this Act and in particular has the right to:

1- Determining the general policy of the authority to achieve its objectives.

2- Develop an integrated plan to meet the comprehensive development requirements of the target areas and adopt the general policies and objectives of the state.

3- Take all the procedures and decisions that ensure that expenses are spent on the items allocated to them according to the approved studies, according to the time programs specified for the implementation of the projects in the areas affiliated to the authority and the targeted purpose.

4- Consideration of periodic and follow-up reports submitted on the progress of the Authority’s work and projects established in the Upper Egypt Development Zones, as determined by the Executive Regulations of this Law.

5- To establish a system to monitor, monitor and measure performance rates according to international financial standards.

6- Approval to enter into contracts with foreign and local companies and expert organizations to establish or implement projects evaluated by the Authority.

7- Approving the establishment of joint-stock companies, alone or with other partners, or participating in existing companies.

8- Approve the organizational structure and work schedule of the Authority.

9- Fixing fees for services rendered by the Authority.

10- Approval of the draft annual budget of the Authority and its final accounting.

11- Proposing internal regulations related to technical and financial affairs, human and warehouse resources, procurement and other regulations required by the nature of the work of the Authority, without being bound by government rules and regulations.

12- Acceptance of grants, donations, donations and grants and contracting of loans and credit facilities after the approval of the Council of Ministers, shall not conflict with the objectives of the Authority and shall be consistent with the provisions of the law.

13- To approve the establishment of branches of the Authority.

14- Conducting research and studies related to the activities and projects of the Authority.

15- Setting rules for contracting with Egyptians or foreigners for temporary employment in jobs requiring special qualifications or experience within a percentage limit not exceeding (10%) of the authority, according to the rules specified by the executive regulations of this law. employees

16- To consider such other matters as may be referred by the Prime Minister or the Chairman of the Board of Directors which fall within their competence.

The Board of Directors may appoint the Chairman of the Board of Directors or one of its members to exercise some of its powers on a temporary basis or to perform specific functions.

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