We Killed Him Because He Gives Money To Others, But He Never Gave Me Any – Suspect

We Killed Him Because He Gives Money To Others, But He Never Gave It To Me – Suspect, #Murder #Money #Give #Suspect Come to me. DIALOGUECENTRE.ORG BLOGHere are the latest news and popular news we have for you today: :

The Bauchi Police have arrested four men who confessed to killing a former DPO, CSP Garkuwa and kidnapping three members of Mante’s family.

Hashimu Galadima Kan Wuka, Abduwahab Abdulhassan AK A Emeka, Hamidu Saleh, and Abdul Wahab Ahmed AKA Dan Mama were arrested by the commanding team of DCP Tunji Disu.

The group leader Hashimu said they hated the DPO because he interrupted their work.

The 48-year-old gang leader said they killed Musa Mante because he had wronged them.

Hashimu said that Honorable Mantel has given money to people but has not given him any money. He said that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA) has been in trouble with him for years when he refused to help him get his release from prison.

He said Abdulhassan had given information about finding and entering the legislature

Source: The Nation Online Newspaper

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