Uncovering a mysterious murder in Wasit and arresting the culprit

You are now following the news of a murder mystery in Wasit and the arrest of the culprit and now with details

Baghdad – Yasin Safwan – In a statement received from Al-Khalij 365, the directorate said, “After receiving the news of the suicide of a girl in the Wasit Al-Dujaili district and under the direct supervision of Major General Muhammad, the police commander of the Wasit Governorate. Qasim Al-Fahd, an investigation in the Crime Control Department A task force led by officials, in collaboration with the Directorate of Intelligence and the Directorate of National Security, was formed to ascertain the truth of the circumstances of the accident and after gathering information, the evidence revealed that the accident was a hoax and a murder.

And she added: “As the team began its work, with continuous efforts, high professionalism and thorough work, the circumstances of the accident were revealed, the culprit was found, arrested and the weapon used in the crime was seized. After confronting him with the evidence, he confessed to his crime. Dili and his confession was confirmed under the provisions of Article 405 of the Iraqi Penal Code.”

The directorate indicated that “legal measures were taken against him and he was referred to a competent court for a just punishment.”

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