Tunisia.. Ennahda reveals that Ghannouchi and al-Arayed have been summoned to investigate sending jihadists to Syria.

MANAMA – Yasser Ibrahim – Reuters news agency quoted officials from Tunisia’s Ennahda party as saying on Saturday, September 17, 2022, that police summoned the leaders of the Tunisian opposition Islamic party, Rashid Ghannouchi and Ali al-Arayed; Next Monday, September 19, an inquiry into the “sending of jihadists to Syria” will be held.

Ghannouchi told Reuters by phone that he would appear before a police investigation on Monday and that he did not know the reason.

At the same time, the “Tunisia Telegraph” news website said on Saturday that “informed” sources confirmed that a security unit had summoned Ghannouchi and his deputy, Ali al-Arid, along with the movement’s leader, Nouri al-Din el. -External, “to hear them next Monday in the wake of the deportation file at the center of tensions.” and terrorism.”

According to a source cited by the site, the summons from the research team in Bouchoucha came days after police arrested the leader of the Ennahda movement, Habib El-Luz, in connection with the same case.

Local media reports said that the Public Prosecution Office of the Anti-Terrorism Judicial Poll has decided to open a criminal investigation against 126 people, including former security, political and parliamentary figures, “in connection with research related to suspected involvement in deportation networks. From Tunisia to terrorist centers outside of Tunisia.”

It is noteworthy that since 2012 the Syrian regime has accused the Ennahda movement, which leads the ruling coalition in Tunisia, of sending “jihadists” to Syria to fight against Assad’s forces.

Ghannouchi repeatedly denied that the movement sent jihadists to Syria, while at the beginning of the “Syrian revolution”, he confirmed that the movement supported the revolution, but that it did not send jihadists, “and did not encourage Tunisian youth to go to Syria.”


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