To protect water resources..the law defines the determinants of equitable distribution of agricultural land services.

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Cairo – Samia Saeed – Law No. 147 of 2021 by issuing the Water Resources and Irrigation Law falls within the framework of the tendency to adopt a comprehensive development program by improving water management, increasing the efficiency of its use and exploring non-traditional sources of water. Which supports the axis of water balance and is a critical step towards achieving water security and the conservation and protection of huge assets related to water resources and the eagerness of the law to support the future vision of water resources management. More efficiently, by legalizing the use of water, ensuring its equitable distribution and identifying appropriate techniques to manage it.

The Act includes mechanisms and controls for the distribution of water rations, with the aim of protecting and maximizing the use of water resources in view of their limitations, particularly in the context of the State’s efforts to increase the agricultural sector. area by restoring more land.

According to the law, the Ministry organizes and manages the distribution of water from all its resources for private use and open to all uses, and it has the right to change the system of its use in proportion to the nature of its purpose. and publishes them in the Egyptian Gazette, and announces to each competent public administration in their jurisdiction the minimum requirements period through shift dates and administrative methods, determined by executive regulations. .

In accordance with the Act, the Competent General Manager may at any time, even during employment, issue orders prohibiting the taking of water from one or more public canals or underground wells for irrigation, except from privately owned wells. rights to others, to ensure equitable distribution of water or to water or waste agricultural land in excess of its requirements or in any emergency necessary in the public interest. .

The competent public administration may take the necessary measures to prevent any violation of the decisions issued for the implementation of the provisions of the previous paragraph and it may, in particular, by administrative means, prevent water from flowing into one. Watering areas or its branches, or growing in a suitable way.

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