Tim Hassan offers a 10% reward to anyone who helps him with this task.. So what is it? (video)

You are now following the news of Team Hassan offering a 10% reward to those who help with this task.. So what is it? (Video) And now with the details

BAGHDAD – Yassin Safwan – Tim Hassan was seen on video welcoming the audience attending a film screening and jokingly offering a reward to those who help him withdraw money from a Lebanese bank.

Addressing the audience, Tim Hassan said: “You’re welcome, and God willing, you’ll love the film, and whoever helps me get my money out of the bank with 10%.”

In the last period depositors tried to break into Lebanese banks in an attempt to get their money, prompting the banks to close their doors for about five days, due to what they described as a risk to staff.

Notably, Team Hassan is showing him in the cinema “Al-Hiba”, which is the conclusion of the 5-part “Al-Hiba” series.

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