The social axis of national dialogue will play a role in nation building

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Cairo – Samia Saeed – Representative Amar Darwish, Member of the House of Representatives for Coordination of Youth Parties, affirmed that the social axis of the national dialogue is of particular importance at all levels of the committees resulting from it, because it is relevant. Considering that the population problem is a serious file for the Egyptian society, its construction and the upgrading of services provided. As a result of the turbulent increase in population growth and the presence of resources that require more effort and work to accommodate this increase in services and a decent life for citizens, it is necessary to raise awareness and increase the intensity of mass media messages to increase the awareness of citizens in the face of this problem and the burdens of this problem. are directed.

Darwish touched on the establishment of a special committee for the youth file, which always covers the political leadership and society, especially since they represent more than 60% of the Egyptian society, noting that it will contribute to discussing ways to create a dialogue in the national dialogue. Building bridges of communication with them and working with them in ways that help build the state and address challenges. And work to raise their awareness and not leave them to destructive efforts by telling them how to reach them with the voice of reason and developmental and awareness thinking. To face the challenges we face.

The member of the House of Representatives in coordination of youth parties added that the Egyptian culture and identity committee will be the most important file at the level of the social axis, because recently the calls of the president have been launched to restore the identity and prepare the people. Especially due to the presence of attacks and the constant attempt to change the culture and social elements of the Egyptian society, they are trying to bring to the scene besides the unfamiliar behavior, which creates a threat related to the cultural and civilizational heritage in Egypt.

He explained that the Egyptian people have a well-established identity born of civilization and history, which needs to be preserved, to trust the awareness of Egyptian society and to understand those who want to tamper with it if there is a risk of change. Identity, standing in a unit in favor of facing any plan to remove it.

The Board of Trustees of the National Dialogue appointed Dr. Dr. Adviser to the National Dialogue to present Vision 2030 and coordinate the outcomes of the dialogue with it. agreed to elect Hosam Badravi and in terms of social axis, 14 candidates, Engr. Khaled Abdel Aziz as General Reporter and Dr. Hania Al-Shalkami, Assistant Rapporteur, and in the Axis Subcommittees (Education and Scientific Research) Prof. Jamal Shiha as reporter and Prof. Mahmoud Abul-Nasr as Assistant Rapporteur. Prof. Dr. Randa Mustafa and Dr. as correspondents in (Health) Committee. Mohammad Hasan Khalil, Assistant Interlocutor. In the population problem committee, Dr. Nevin Obaid, Reporter and Dr. Ahmed Ashoor, Assistant Interlocutor. In the Committee (Family and Community Reconciliation) Prof. Nisreen Al-Baghdadi as assistant and Dr. Reham Al-Shabrawi is included as an assistant correspondent. In this committee (Culture and National Identity) Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zayed is also included, and Dr. Ahmed Meghahed, Assistant Interlocutor. In the youth committee, Dr. Ahmad Fathi, Interlocutor and Prof. Zaki al-Qadi is the assistant rapporteur.

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