The increasing use of mercenaries is leading to human rights violations

Mohammed Ismail – Cairo – New York – (HA):

Independent experts, including the Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries as a Tool for Human Rights Violations and Impeding the Exercise of People’s Right to Self-Determination, have warned that human rights abuses by mercenaries and private security companies pose serious challenges for victims. Justice and redress.

In their new report submitted to the Human Rights Council at its fiftieth session, experts said this is due to the specificity of the perpetrators and their modus operandi.

Experts have also noted that the proliferation of mercenaries and contractors working as mercenaries and private security companies has increased the number of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law during post-conflict and peacetime periods.

The report highlights the lack of accountability and common challenges in bringing justice to victims and effective measures to overcome the harm mercenaries leave in their wake.

He drew particular attention to the secrecy and obscurity surrounding the activities of mercenaries, military contractors hired to kill, and private security firms; complex business and corporate structures and jurisdictional issues; and gaps in national and international regulations.

It is worth noting that the Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries as a Tool for Violating Human Rights and Obstructing the Exercise of People’s Right to Self-Determination was established in July 2005 by the Commission on Human Rights Resolution no. 2005/2. It was created after the termination of the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the use of mercenaries, established since 1987. The Working Group is composed of five independent experts, selected on the basis of balanced geographical representation.

Since 2005, the Human Rights Council has renewed the mandate of the Working Group several times, most recently in 2019 under resolution 42/9 for a period of three years. Through Resolution No. 74/138 of 2019, the General Assembly also regularly adopts resolutions on the issue of the use of mercenaries in connection with the activities of the Working Group.

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