The human rights commission warned of an alarming rise in the poverty rate in Iraq

You are now following the news of an alarming rise in poverty rates in Iraq, and the Human Rights Commission has warned, and now with details.

BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – Poor families do not even have their own food.. The Human Rights Commission in Iraq has observed this, warning of a dangerous increase in the rate of poverty, which has become a serious threat to many families. Because of the inability of policies to mitigate its effects.

Despite the existence of two previous strategies for poverty alleviation, the Commission pointed out that no significant and effective product has been created to alleviate poverty and reduce class differences between groups in the society, the search for families that do not have their daily strength will be announced. or qualitatively, pointed out that Muthanna Governorate ranked first among the poorest provinces in the country.

According to the commission, to have a major role in institutional performance and expedite the approval of necessary allocations and implementation of necessary laws to reduce the incidence of poverty and contribute to finding solutions and solutions to the challenges. Poverty that threatens society.

Human rights activists say the country’s widespread corruption and unemployment and lack of employment opportunities, political crises, unapproved fiscal budgets, partisan struggles for profit and other factors cast a shadow on Iraqi families. The poverty rate doubled. He emphasized that it is possible to reduce the poverty rate and find a solution to this file only by developing a real strategy to deal with corruption and the corrupt people who control the country’s capabilities.

Although Iraq has many natural resources, especially oil, the poverty rate of its citizens continues to rise, the government has promised to take measures to cure, but they have not achieved any results.

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