The draft law of the Digital Egypt Fund is on the agenda of the “Communication of Representatives” during the third session

Thanks for reading News of Egypt’s Digital Fund Bill for the Third Session of Parliament and Now with Details on Parliament’s Communication Agenda

Cairo – Samia Saeed – The Committee on Communications and Information Technology of the House of Representatives is preparing to finish the discussion of the draft submitted by the government, during the third session of the second legislative session, which will begin on October 1, 2022. Issuing to continue consideration of the Digital Egypt Fund Law, after its preliminary approval during the previous session.

The explanatory note of the draft highlighted in detail the need and importance of establishing the fund, especially the practical reality of the importance of the transformation of the digital society and the reasons for continuing the implementation of its projects. which is one of the catalysts for economic growth, creating competitive and diversified economies and building modern societies that support knowledge, innovation and attractive investment.

The explanatory memorandum confirmed that supporting the transformation system of the digital society and the protection and sustainability of its systems, will be positively reflected in the level of government services provided to citizens that will facilitate their access, as well as operating companies. In the field of telecommunications and internet services, they will achieve financial returns as one of the systems they are based on. system, which needs to overcome the financing problems faced by the system-based sector and its mechanisms.

The Explanatory Memorandum indicates that it is necessary to establish a “Digital Egypt” fund to establish a “Digital Egypt” fund while managing in a financial way that does not add additional burden to the state treasury. It achieves the constitutional commitment – enshrined in Article 25 of the Constitution – to eradicate digital illiteracy among citizens of all ages and to lay down mechanisms for their implementation, in a time-bound plan.

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