The body of the ‘Agouja’ school student was released from Al Hilal Hospital

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The parents of the little girl “Mena Tamer” received the body of their daughter from Al-Hilal Aguza Hospital – who fell from the third floor of the Sayed Al-Shuhada school – after the Giza public prosecution authorized the burial of the body.

The Public Prosecution has announced that it is investigating the death of student Menna Tamer, who fell from a school floor in Agouza.

The Public Prosecution Office said in a statement Monday that it has opened an investigation into a tip from the Aguza Police Department that a second-grader died after falling from the third floor while at school. where her classroom is.

The prosecutor said that as soon as the report was received, he went to the school, and took several measures, including: inspecting it, placing surveillance equipment there for investigation and questioning witnesses to the incident.

The Public Prosecution asked seven witnesses to the incident, three of whom were female colleagues of the victim, and their version agreed that since this morning the child had been crying repeatedly with the desire of her mother to be present, prompting some teachers to calm her down. Sitting down, the boy took advantage of his preoccupation and slipped out of the classroom against the fence on the third floor, and a girl and a student’s mother saw with their own eyes that the boy was running out. into the classroom without anyone following her, and she climbs and falls over the fence.

The Public Prosecution Office moved to discuss the girl’s body, and discovered her injuries. She questioned her parents and decided to accuse the school authorities of negligence in their daughter’s supervision, which led to her death.

The Public Prosecution asked the teacher who was present at the time of the incident to separate the victim and decided that she was surprised when she left the room because she picked up her backpack and climbed over the fence, so he asked her to come down, but she lost her balance and fell down.

The Public Prosecution emphasized that the investigation process is still ongoing to ascertain how and why the incident occurred and to identify those responsible.

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