The Al-Azhar Organization Act defines the controls and certification for practice for occupying the position of “assistant teacher”.

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Cairo – Samia Saeed – A draft law submitted by the government amends some provisions of Law No. 103 of 1961, which covers Al-Azhar and its affiliated institutions, to meet the requirements of the Al-Azhar Institutions sector. Certain amendments related to the terms and conditions of appointment and mechanisms of appointment, so that teachers in Al-Azhar institutions can enjoy the same benefits as their counterparts in the Ministry of Education, were approved in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Service Act No. 81 of 2016. Total House of Representatives.

The law stipulates in Article 93 BIs (4) that the position of “assistant teacher” shall be filled by contract for a period of two years, renewable for another year, at the discretion of the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and its residents. During this period, he must obtain a certificate of validity to practice the teaching profession in the Al-Azhar academic phase for which he is applying. If he does not obtain this certificate within that period, his contract will automatically terminate without any necessity. action

After the approval of the Minister of Finance, it is allowed to settle the cases of those working in Al-Azhar institutions and areas subject to the provisions of this chapter, if they meet the requirements set by the professional academy for teachers. Achieve higher qualifications while serving.

In light of the study of the draft law, the Joint Committee affirmed that these reforms have met the aspirations of the Al-Azhar Institute sector as mandated by the Civil Service Law.

The draft law was organized into three continuing articles in addition to the publication article, where the first article contained an amendment to Article 93 bis (3) Article 2, which excluded the educational qualification requirement of the Noble Qur’an, a teacher of Arabic calligraphy, and a holder of a bachelor’s degree or an arts degree in social work. . Psychology and Sociology, and a Human Studies degree in Psychology and Sociology, if he is applying for a specialist position.

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