Tehran announced the launch of a new phase of operations in northern Iraq

Following the news of Tehran announcing the launch of a new phase of operations in northern Iraq, and now with details

BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – In a statement, the Public Relations of the Ground Forces of the Revolutionary Guards said, “These operations include launching missiles targeting precisely designated areas and using offensive and destructive fronts.”

The statement said that “necessary warnings were sent to the authorities in the northern region of Iraq to stop the activities of terrorist groups related to the global ego and hostile to the Iranian people, but this warning was not heeded, as the terrorist groups attacked the border areas of Iran and targeted some Iranian posts, In addition to supporting the riots that have affected the Iranian people in recent days.”

The statement pointed out that “the Revolutionary Guards launched this morning a new phase of operations against the sites of these terrorist groups of the heroes of Islam, which pose a threat to the safety of Iranian citizens, because they used missiles and marches. , and these groups should face deadly attacks.” The consequences of the damage and loss they have caused will be announced later”.

Mojtaba Sadira

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