Steven Fike, 62, raped and killed a 19-year-old girl in a Boston hotel in 1980

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Steven Fike is accused of the 1980 Boston hotel r$pe and the killing of Wendy Dansereau.

Steven Fike was arrested for the 1980 rape and murder of Wendy Dansereau in a Boston hotel.

Fike, 62, of Alabama was arrested by Boston police working with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office for murder and a pending warrant, the department said.

The arrest was related to the 1980 murder of 19-year-old Wendy Dansereau. Dansereau was found dead in a motel in Boston’s South End. Police Murder Murder Murder Murder The organization first looked into Dansereau’s murder.

Fike was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery in 2019 by Rachel Rollins, the Suffolk County district attorney at the time.

“We have not forgotten Wendy Dansereau, we have not forgotten the hundreds of victims whose murders remain unsolved, whose families are still waiting and praying for answers and accountability, ” Rollins said in a statement.

At the Elmore Correctional Facility in Alabama, Fike is currently incarcerated with the possibility of parole for r$pe and murder since 1982.

At the crime scene, a DNA sample was taken by detectives and then submitted to the FBI’s Integrated DNA Index System. According to Rollins, Fike’s DNA was linked to the 1980 sample because his DNA was added to a national database as a result of his 1982 rape and murder conviction.

Steven Fike Age, Family, and Early Life

Steven Fike is 62 years old from Alabama. The details of his birth date and parents are unknown.

The zodiac sign they wear is also being evaluated.

Steven Fike Career, What does he do?

Information about Steven Fike’s career is under review. He is currently serving a life sentence as he has been convicted of rape and murder.

Steven Fike Net Worth, How much does he earn?

As for Steven’s earnings and salary details, there are no estimates or facts about his earnings figures.

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Which school did he go to? What is his father?

The high school he attended and the university he graduated from are being reviewed.

Steven Fike Wife, Is he dating/married? Are there children?

All personal information about Steven is under review, so there is no information about whether he is married or not.

His social media site.

We did a quick search for Steven’s social media reach, but he was nowhere to be found on social media.

Steven Fike Height, Weight, Gender, Body.

High N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Color White
Body type Good
Female genitalia Right

Interesting facts about Steven Fike that you should know.

Nationality America
Ethnicity White
Zodiac signs N/A
The year 62
Relationship status N/A
friend N/A

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