Spain announces military aid to Ukraine

You are following this news with the amount of military aid provided by Spain to Ukraine and now with details

Baghdad – Yassin Safwan – Sanchez said at the meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly: “We gave great military support and defended Ukraine’s legal right to defend its independence and territorial integrity. For this reason, Spain contributed about 270 million euros to the European Peace Fund. To supply military equipment to Ukraine , in the framework of the Union’s European policy.

“Since the beginning of the conflict, Spain has sent a large amount of military equipment, anti-aircraft missile systems, generators and vehicles to Ukraine. The state government is actively involved in training programs for the Ukrainian army,” Sanchez noted.

And the Spanish prime minister said, “As part of this initiative, Spain plans to open a training center in Toledo later this month.”

He added, “Spain has given Ukraine the largest aid package ever sent by a single country, worth 38 million euros. We have accepted more than 135,000 citizens of Ukraine under the temporary protection program and about 35,000 minors in schools.”

Earlier, “The Spanish government is ready to train 400 military personnel as part of an EU training mission for the Ukrainian army.”

Mojtaba Sadira

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