Saudi Businessman Muhammad Al Qahtani Collapses During Speech in Cairo Check Death Video Footage

A video has surfaced and everyone is amazed. The video has now gone viral across social media. Shocking video captured a prominent Saudi businessman collapsing and dying while giving a speech in Egypt. The prominent businessman identified is Muhammad Al Qahtani.

Saudi businessman Muhammad Al Qahtani is defeated

The video of this gruesome incident is creating a lot of buzz on social media and has gone viral. Muhammad Al Qahtani is a prominent businessman based in the United Arab Emirates. He was giving a speech at an Arab-African conference in Cairo, and while giving a speech he fell backwards and lost consciousness. It was a surprise and a source of pride for everyone. For the time being everyone was frozen, and security and control were quickly put in place to contain the Saudi Tycoon.

Al Qahtani is the chairman of the board of the Al-Salam holding company and claims to have held many honorary positions as a good ambassador. When the famous businessman fell he was speaking at the conference and talking about the achievements of the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. He also honored the president of the United Arab Emirates Mohammad Bin Zayed. He said that the head of the UAE president is a man and a peaceful man. He said this just before he fell. Popular Egyptian Youtube star Abdullah Elshrif said Business Tycoon Al Qahtani died after being taken to another room by guards.

The meeting was attended by members of international and regional groups and encouraged the Arab League. The cause of Al Qahtani’s death has not been disclosed. According to reports, when the news of his tragic death broke out, many prominent world leaders came out on social media and offered condolences and condolences to the late Al Qahtani. . They also extended their heartfelt support to the family of the deceased businessman for facing this painful and heartbreaking situation. We also pay tribute to the late Al Qahtani. For all the latest national and international news, stay tuned with us.

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