Sanaa snipers terrorize the Houthis

Al-Houthi terrorist groups woke up early last week with the death of several of their leaders in different parts of the capital Sana’a, leading the Houthis to believe that Sana’s snipers were still present. Other snipers, three operations were carried out at close times and in very different places. It cannot be executed by one person, the message confirms that the Houthis are now threatened by a group of skilled snipers.


And an exclusive source indicated that the Sanaa sniper, who was spotted several years ago, struck terror into the hearts of the Houthis, who announced a large sum of money and reward for any information about him, and he was almost absent. One year, and the Houthis announced his killing and reaching him, and after their announcement, the sniper came back to target and terrorize them and told them and everyone that I am here, he continued to threaten them, kill some of them and target them. Their area of ​​integration.

A time of conflict

The source indicated that the emergence of Houthi targets in one day and in distant sites are messages that confirm and reveal that there is more than one sniper and that the Houthis are now facing a group of skilled snipers with the ability to reach all others. A loud and clear message to the Yemeni people from the Houthi leaders, and snipers, is that they are ready to move. The Houthis are smaller than you think. Yemenis only need to go out for an hour to face the Houthis, and they will find a large number of snipers and ready fighters who will directly enter the field to support the Yemeni uprising and fight the Houthis with the ability, skills and expertise to crush them.

Sniping operations

The source revealed that a Houthi security point was targeted and all its personnel including two supervisors were killed. The operation was carried out by a sniper operation from a building that was difficult to identify. In one such operation, a Houthi official killed the Ministry of Finance in his car on the road to Sana’a, and at the same time an official was killed. After entering a residential villa in the Haddah neighborhood of Sana’a, a senior interior ministry source and the execution of three operations against the Houthis in close proximity confirmed that there is a large gang that has launched new operations against the Houthis.

Multiple functions

The source indicated that these snipers succeeded in their missions to target the Houthi leaders and their security points and expelled the Houthi gathering inside the neighborhood and these snipers were curious that there was no information available about them and they opened the door of arrest for everyone. , but it is worth noting that these snipers have excellent skills and experience. Some believed that they belonged to the military forces of the previous regime.

Yemen sniper mission

Creating terror in the hearts of the Houthis

Targeting Houthi leaders

Targeting Houthi security points

– Evacuate Houthi gatherings in neighborhoods

Stopping Houthi encroachments and violations, creating terror

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