Revolutionary Guards enter a protest line in Iran

You are now following the news of Revolutionary Guards entering protest lines in Iran and now with details

BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – 22-year-old Mahsa Amini died last week following her arrest by morality police in Tehran, sparking protests in Tehran, the Kurdistan Region, where the late girl hails from, and other regions.

In a statement, the Revolutionary Guard expressed its condolences to Amini’s family and relatives.

“We have asked the judiciary to identify those spreading fake news and rumors on social media as well as on the streets and endangering the mental safety of the community,” he said.

Amini’s death sparked widespread public outrage and the largest protests in Iran since 2019.

Most of the protests were concentrated in Iran’s Kurdish-populated northwestern regions, but they also spread to the capital and at least 50 towns and cities across the country, and police used force to disperse demonstrators.

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