Photographs.. The aftermath of the damage caused by the explosion of a gas cylinder at Dohuk

You are now following the news with pictures… Devastation caused by gas cylinder explosion in Dohuk and now with details

BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of Health of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq announced the final results of the fire accident in student residences in institutions in Dohuk Governorate.

The Minister of Health, Saman Barzanji, said in a statement obtained by Al-Khalij 365 that “Four people died and 26 others were injured in a fire in a building containing ovens and accommodation for students of an institution in Dohuk.”

A short time ago, the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrur Barzani, ordered to stop all work with the gas system and not to use it in any way.

Barzani said in a statement obtained by Gulf 365: “It was decided to stop all work with the gas system and not to use it in any way.”

According to the statement, Barzani ordered a “comprehensive investigation with all parties regarding the Dohuk fire.”

And a security source earlier reported that 10 people were injured in an explosion caused by a gas leak in the interior of Dohuk Governorate.

Three provinces in the Kurdistan region have witnessed a series of fires since the fire in Sulaymaniyah province, which killed 15 people after a gas cylinder exploded in a residential area.

Then, in the same week, the governorate reported an explosion caused by a gas cylinder, which damaged a bakery selling salmon without harming workers.

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