Passing the 2023 budget is one of the priorities of the government

You are now following Finance Confirmation news: One of the government’s priorities is to approve the 2023 budget and now with details

BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – In a statement obtained by Gulf 365, the ministry said that Minister Taif Sami “held a wide-ranging meeting with the General Manager and advanced cadres of the ministry, emphasizing the importance of cooperation in a spirit of teamwork, completing the path of necessary reforms to the economic policy and To provide the requirements for the comprehensive development of the national economy, especially in the current economic situation.

She added, “One of the most important priorities of the new government and the ministry is the presentation and approval of the draft general federal budget for the year 2023,” emphasizing the need to “continue joint coordination among all institutions and departments, investment of time and management of financial resources and federal Consolidate energy to improve policies for the budget as well as increase the state’s public revenue side, complete projects to automate customs and tax systems, and increase the chances of success in the Unified Treasury Account.

She pointed out that “the ministry operates in accordance with the rules and laws that outline the performance of its functions in accordance with the standards of integrity and the requirements of achieving justice,” adding that “the next phase requires us to redouble efforts and create programs to strengthen the pillars of a balanced and sustainable national economy.” , supporting vital and productive sectors, in its various parts to serve the interests of the Iraqi people.”

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