On the occasion of the fortieth visit.. Al-Amiri sent a new invitation to the politicians

You are now following news on the equivalent of the fortieth visit.. Al-Amiri sent a new invitation to politicians and now with details

BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – Al-Amiri said in a statement obtained by Gulf 365, “In these blessed days, our people and all the followers of Ahl-al-Bayt (Peace) in the world are honored. The fortieth visit of the Holy Al-Husainiyya Ritual, the immortal gift that carried the message of the Tuff Revolution to perfection and the brilliance that followed. Zainabi’s role in it, Al-Aqeela with his nobility, patience, stability, insight and darkness, the tyrants would have succeeded in destroying the features of the Tuff Revolution and its sacred cause. And This does not remove your shame from you, and your opinion is nothing but rejection, and your days are nothing but number, and your gathering is nothing but scattering, on the day when the caller calls, God’s curse on the unjust.

And he added, “In this year’s millionth visit, the crowd was bigger and more diverse, and lovers from all countries of the world marched to Hussein’s Iraq, so that its soil turned into a kohl for the lovers of Hussein and turned Karbala into a Kaaba. Free, revolutionary and lovers of Hussein. Yes, Karbala honestly Has become the world capital of Hussein’s nation.” The generosity of Iraq astounded the world and was a legendary manifestation of their hospitality, generosity and charity and that is pride enough. For every loyal Iraqi, and the heroic security forces and the blessed popular masses did their best in quality defense. Respected people from health and transport agencies, ports, airports, civil defense and others.”

Al-Amiri indicated that “this year’s fortieth visit is a unique manifestation of the unity of the followers of Ahl al-Bayt in the world, and it should be a manifestation of the unity of these people embracing the visitors. The unity and integrity of their political front.”

Al-Amiri concluded by saying, “As we live the blessings and lights of the Arabin visit, we call upon all our brothers from the country’s politicians to inspire the eternal and guiding values ​​of asceticism, philanthropy, love of people, dedication to their service and engagement with their demands.” has become corrupt in his religious and worldly affairs.

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