New death toll after migrant boat sinks off Syrian coast

You are now following the news of the migrant boat sinking off the coast of Syria and now with details

BAGHDAD – Yassin Safwan – The official Lebanese media agency quoted the commission’s secretary-general, Muhammad Khair, as saying, “Four additional bodies were found on Saturday afternoon, bringing the number of bodies found to 94.”

He pointed out that 5 Lebanese, two Palestinians and 12 Syrian survivors are in Al-Bassel Hospital in Tartarus, Syria, and the Lebanese and Palestinians will be transferred to northern Lebanon depending on their health conditions.

And on Friday, the Lebanese Red Cross began the process of receiving the bodies of Lebanese and Palestinians who died in the crash, along the Syrian border.

And on Thursday, Lebanese authorities announced that a boat carrying Lebanese and non-Lebanese had sunk off the coast of the Syrian city of Tartus after leaving northern Lebanon for the European coast.

According to Lebanese media, the boat, carrying more than 100 Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian passengers, left the beach in the northern Lebanese town of Miniyeh a few days ago.

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