Nael al-Barghouti.. a Palestinian has been in prison for 43 years.

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Aden – Yasmin Abdullah Al-Tuhami – A Palestinian prisoner entered on Sunday, November 20, his 43rd year, in an Israeli prison, of which he spent 34 years of continuous imprisonment. He refused to send any message on the anniversary, saying only that “silence speaks louder than words.”

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club stated, “Today, prisoner Nel al-Barghouti completed his 42nd year in an occupied prison and entered his 43rd year, the longest total period of confinement in an Israeli occupation prison in the history of the Palestinian National Movement. .”

Barghouti is 65 years old and was first arrested when he was 21 and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1978, and it was 18 years before he was released in an exchange deal between the “Islamic Resistance Movement” (Hamas) and Israel.

The deal included the release of “Hamas” after an Israeli soldier was jailed for five years in 2011, in return for Israel’s release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including Neil al-Barghouti, after serving 34 years in prison. In an Israeli prison.

The club said in its statement that “the business arrested him again in 2014 as part of a massive arrest campaign. Dozens of those who escaped the deal were arrested and today 48 prisoners remain in house arrest. Today one of them, prisoner Imad Fatouni, after spending a total of 30 years in the occupied prison will be free from sulfites.”

He added, “The case of the Barghouti prisoner imposes many questions on the Palestinian national movement and the fate of prisoners in the occupied prisons. There are more than 300 prisoners who have spent more than 20 years, so this experience is a historical witness to the ongoing crime of occupation against prisoners.”

Public peace talks between the Palestinians and Tel Aviv were suspended after Israel refused to release a fourth batch of Palestinians arrested before 1993 through American mediation.

National unity is the only way to free the captives

Al-Barghouti had previously sent several messages during his previous years of detention, including, “The only way to free them (Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons) begins first with national unity as a fundamental starting point for restoring and rethinking Palestinian identity. The cause and its liberation goals .”

Among the messages he sent was “Business’ attempts to kill our humanity will only increase our humanity.”

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