“Mouse” militia once again .. shooting and closing the road to Tripoli airport

Once again thanks for reading and interest in “al-far” militia news.. shooting, Tripoli airport road closure and now with full details

ADEN – Yasmin Abdullah al-Tuhami – Conflict returns to Tripoli, the Libyan capital, between armed militias in a series of struggles for influence and control.

On Friday afternoon, near the Gypsum Gate, southwest of Tripoli, armed clashes broke out between an armed group affiliated with the “Al-Far” militia and an armed group affiliated with the militia of Imad Trabelsi.

Militias from the towns of al-Jawiya and al-Zintan opened fire with light and medium weapons on the Gypsum Gate, southwest of the capital, causing it to close and pedestrians to turn in the opposite direction.

Clashes escalated in Gypsum Gate, Airport Road and the area in front of the power station, and ongoing clashes have left militiaman Adam al-Sadiq al-Misrati injured with a bullet wound to the head. struggle

Libyan authorities are trying to push in troops to resolve the conflict between the militias, as the 111 militia led by Abdel Salam Zubi has been deployed in several areas near the Gypsum Gate, but clashes are still ongoing.

It is worth noting that the fugitive is a major militia and wanted for several crimes related to terrorism, but he was previously assigned as an officer for the Libyan intelligence department in the city of Al-Jawiya, the same apparatus previously headed by Imad Trabelsi. , who is now struggling with his army.

And last Tuesday, “FAR” militias — the same militias that are fighting today — attacked regular police forces in Tripoli, Libya.

And the fleeing militia attacked – according to a statement from the Libyan Interior Ministry – a patrol of the support forces of the security directorates in the region with heavy weapons on the equestrian bridge on the airport road, injuring one. Intimidation of members of the police and citizens.

“Mouse” Militia

And the Libyan militia, Muhammad Bahrun, nicknamed “The Mouser,” is a warlord from the western Libyan city of Al-Jawiya and practices his nonsense between his city and the capital, Tripoli.

“Farar” is also wanted in Case No. 6 before the Libyan Prosecutor (Case No. 131/Terrorism of 2017) and has refused to comply with him for questioning, even though his name appears in several confessions of those arrested. ISIS members.

The fugitive is also accused of several other crimes in the Libyan city through his links to a network of internationally wanted human traffickers. He was also involved in crimes against prisoners and wanted persons, including the torture and humiliation of Major General Amer al-Jaqam. December 7. Libyan forces after their plane was shot down while conducting a combat mission in December 2019.

The name “Al-Far” has also been linked to the Brotherhood’s terrorist organization, with strong ties to Brotherhood leader Khaled al-Mashri, head of what is known as the State Council, who is seen next to him at many events organized by the Brotherhood. Al-Jawiya city to which the two belong, as well as events in the capital Tripoli.

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