Mohammad Ismail, Sub-Coordinator, continues his field tours in his division in Alexandria

Thanks to Mohammad Ismail, Coordination Deputy Coordinator, for continuing the field trips in his department in Alexandria and now reading the news with details of the news.

Cairo – Samia Saeed – Representative Mohamed Ismail, member of the Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives for the Coordination of Youth Parties and Politicians, continued his field tours in his district in Alexandria, where he organized a field tour in Al. -Al-Sada Street branch to Rida Street to listen to citizens’ concerns and convey them to the competent authorities.

MP Muhammad Ismail also made another field trip to Citadel area to know the problems of the people and convey them to the competent authorities..

Deputies are working with full vigor to coordinate youth parties and politicians, not only for the development of political work, but also to contribute unitedly behind a comprehensive national project, in which the national interest is promoted to lay the foundations of the Egyptian state, but also the issues related to public life and society and the problems of citizens and Communicates with problems. .


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