Miranda Devine: The Trump-Russia collusion hoax was a ‘dirty trick’ sanctioned by Hillary Clinton

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Miranda Devine joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss the ongoing Michael Sussmann trial and the consequences of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fabricating allegations of Russian collusion against former President Trump. SUSSMANN TRIAL PROVES HILLARY CLINTON PERPETRATED ‘MASSIVE FRAUD’, SHOULD BE ‘BANNED FROM TWITTER’: TAIBBI MIRANDA DEVINE: If he’s convicted of lying to the FBI, Michael Sussmann faces a maximum of five years in jail. But it’s not really just about him. He is just the first of the trials to come out of the Durham probe into the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. And we have gleaned some really valuable insights into that dirty tricks game by the Clinton campaign. Chiefly, I think, out of this trial that Hillary Clinton was behind it, that she sanctioned this dirty trick, this attempt to go to the FBI and pretend Michael Sussmann was just a concerned citizen, concerned about national security. They passed off bogus opposition research which claimed that Donald Trump was in bed with Vladimir Putin. Now, the ramifications of that were extreme. It crippled the Trump presidency. And to this day, we’re seeing that there are national security implications for America’s relationship with Russia and with Vladimir Putin. WATCH FULL VIDEO BELOW: 

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