“Messi we tortured him.. they ate him” (VIDEO)

You are now following the news of the Saudi fans who provoked the Argentina national team: “Messi tortured him… they ate him” (video) and now with details

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Saudi fans provoked the Argentine national team: "We tortured Messi..he ate him" (video)

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Saudi national team fans seem to be unafraid to confront the Argentina star during their match against Al-Akhdar and Tango at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

A video clip spread to many Saudi fans, “Messi we tortured him… they ate him.”

Saudi Arabia and Argentina will begin their campaign at the World Cup on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 for Group C.

This group also includes Poland and Mexico.

After facing Argentina, the Saudi national team will play Poland on November 26 and then Mexico on November 30.

As for Argentina’s national team, after facing Saudi Arabia, they will play Mexico on November 26 and then Poland on November 30.

The Saudi national team previously played an official match against Argentina in the 1992 Confederations Cup and Tango won 3/1. They played in 2012 and ended in a goalless draw.

This is the Saudi national team’s sixth appearance at the World Cup, as their best performance was qualifying for the round of 16 in their first appearance in 1994.

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