Manchester United sent Ronaldo a stern warning and refused to comment

Manchester United sent Ronaldo a stern warning and refused to comment, and now with details

Mohamed Al-Fallah – Manchester United announced in an official statement a little while ago that they are tired of commenting on the statements of their player Cristiano Ronaldo and have clearly indicated that they will not respond to his recent statements in the media. The English club could impose a new fine on the player within hours. Next, next to its official offer for sale.

And Manchester United confirmed in its statement that the team has started to make some decisions about the players in the near future, if they are finally revealed so as not to reopen the player’s crisis with the team and some reports have indicated that the huge amount of statements made by the players in the last few days about them There is dissatisfaction.

Ronaldo mocked the recent decision

And Ronaldo had previously made a dangerous statement when he said his transfer to United surprised everyone, even the decision itself, in an apparent reference to the player’s poor decision and his mockery of the Red Devils’ Castle, which has further inflamed the team’s executives. , which shows that the coming days are not promising at all for both the parties.

Ten Haag ordered the player to be ejected.

And Dutch coach Ten Haag ordered the player to be ejected, so that he stops making these statements, especially since the player is still considered a member of the team, which can motivate any player who does not participate in the team. There are administrative issues with the team to make matches or similar statements and then the system he imposes on the team will disintegrate.

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