List of most hacked passwords worldwide

List of most hacked passwords worldwide.

NordPass’ team of researchers has posted a warning to users to check their settings. According to the results, it is seen that people are using well-known passwords like 123456, qwerty and even password.

The company has released a list of the most hacked passwords worldwide. And if you use any of them, the advice is simple: change your password now to be more secure.

Here are the top 10 most common passwords worldwide: 123456 / 123456789 / 12345 qwerty / password / 12345678 / 111111 / 123123 / 1234567890 / 1234567.

In addition to frequently used passwords, researchers have found that a large number of people use their names with swear words. Nordpass research also found that dolphin is the number one animal-related password in many countries.

The company explains that the best passwords are complex, containing at least 12 characters and a variety of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

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