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Cairo – Samia Saeed – Law No. 204 of 2020 regarding the State Prize for Young Creator stipulates the establishment of an award called the State Prize for Young Creator, who presents an innovative intellectual or material product and is awarded annually. Not more than eighteen years old in the field of culture and arts and the award includes:

Awarding the winner a total of two hundred thousand pounds, with a minimum allocation to him in the field of culture and the same has been developed in the field of arts and creativity and innovation. Culture and the Arts.

Publication of the winner’s work is at the expense of the Supreme Council of Culture.

Awarding the title of State Prize for Young Innovators to each winner by the decision of the Minister of Culture.

The Minister of Culture issues a decision on the number of annual awards, the monetary value of each, the area awarded for it and the age classification of the producers into two levels.

To be nominated for an award, the following conditions must be met:

Having Egyptian nationality.

Having a character and good reputation.

He must not have been previously convicted of a felony or misdemeanor of moral turpitude or dishonesty unless he is rehabilitated.

A year shall not exceed eighteen Gregorian years on the date of announcement of the award.

Unless the submitted work includes new creative additions, it must not have previously won the award.

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