Kristen Bell ‘Highly Recommends’ An ‘Inside Of Your Mouth’ Buccal Massage

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It seems that celebrities are finding new ways to protect their health and well-being. Kristen Bell took to Instagram to share her latest relaxation technique: a buccal massage.

Bell ‘Not Softened [Her] Life’ After a Facial Massage

Bell posted a video on Instagram to share her experience with buccal massage, which involves massaging the inside of the mouth. “Okay, I just came back to earth. I left for a while because I tried a face massage that does the inside half of your mouth,” Bell told her Instagram followers.

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The actress showed off the massage, putting her thumb in her mouth and gently pulling on her cheek. “At one point, Paulina took both her hands in my mouth, and I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve never felt better in my life. So, if you think, [I] highly recommended. “

Fans Are Ready To Try Buccal Massage

Bell captioned the video saying, “I don’t want to go home now because I know the kids are going to ruin my soul. But it has to be done. Euphoria will take a while- but I’ll be back!” She also recommended the Kosha Spa, where she received a buccal massage.

“lololol what. if kristen bell is amazing. i believe her,” said one fan. another wrote, “yeah! Mouth-face massage for the winner! A lot of fascia needs to be released and loved on.”

Benefits of Buccal Massage

The actress has a lot to say about the tried-and-tested massage technique, but what do we really know about buccal massage? As Bell showed in his video, the massage involves putting a finger in the mouth and massaging the inside of the cheek, lip, and nasal muscles.

Anna Babayan, a certified spa therapist and owner of Anna Babayan Skincare, said Build, “The buccal mask is more sensitive to the underlying muscles in the area. Focuses on pressure points to help restore facial muscles [firmness] and eliminate the problems in the area.”

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Buccal massage can also improve circulation, smooth facial lines, increase collagen production, and relieve jaw pain. After the treatment, you may notice the appearance of the face and glowing skin. However, according to dentist Angelique Freking, you can also suffer from headaches due to increased blood flow to your eyes and head. Buccal massages seem to be the new relaxation technique in Hollywood, and Bell is one of her favorites!

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