Know the terms of reference of the High Compensation Committee as per the Act introduced by the Government

Thank you for reading the news about the functioning of the High Compensation Committee as per the legislation introduced by the government and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Saeed – Today, Sunday, the plenary session of the House of Representatives will discuss the report of the committee, the report of the Joint Committee on Housing and the draft law submitted by the Office of the Plan and Budget Committee. To amend certain provisions of the Contractual Agreements, Supply and Public Service Compensation Act and Act No. 84 of 2017 issued by the Government.

Section 1 of the draft law submitted by the government as per the opinion of the Joint Committee states that a committee called “Higher Committee for Compensation” shall be constituted. Its headquarters will be the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Affairs. Community, and is referred to in this Act as the Committee, and shall be concerned with determining its basis, controls and percentage of compensation. of the Council of Ministers based on the presentation of the Committee, arising from financial decisions issued during any period determined by the decision, and which disturb the financial balance of contracts, supplies and contracts for public services, valid during that period, and in which the State or any company owned by it or any of its public legal entities is one of them The parties are, for the work performed from the commencement date of the period to the end of the execution of the contract, all this unless the execution is delayed for any reason..

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