Karl Rove rips Biden’s inflation plan: He wants a political talking point

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Fox News contributor Karl Rove argued on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday that President Biden’s strategy to combat soaring inflation is “not a serious plan.”BIDEN TO MEET WITH FED CHAIRMAN ON INFLATION, KOREAN POP SUPERGROUP BTS ON ASIAN INCLUSIONKARL ROVE: This is not a serious plan. Let’s look at it. The main point is, he says the primary responsibility for dealing with inflation is the Federal Reserve. In other words, it’s not my fault, not my responsibility. It’s the Federal Reserve’s. And then I got practical steps that are going to reduce costs. We’re going to do something about supply chains. Haven’t you been doing that for a year and a half? We’re going to do infrastructure. Did we pass a bill on that last year? We’re going to build 1 million homes over the next five years.  We have 142 million homes in America today. Why is adding seven-tenths of 1% of homes over the next 10 and over the next five years paid for with taxpayer dollars going to reduce the cost of housing? We’re going to [have] price controls on drugs. We’re going to have child and elder care. In other words, we got to Build Back Better. We’ve got this $5 trillion, sold at three and a half trillion dollar spending bill. That’s what he’s talking about.  

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