Iran began enriching uranium to 60% at the Fordow facility

You’re following the news that Iran has begun enriching uranium to 60% at the Fordow facility, and now with details.

BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – Iranian student news agency affiliated with the student mobilization “Danshego” quoted Iranian sources as saying, “Iran started enriching at 60% rate at the Fordow facility, as this step comes in response to the decision of the IAEA against that country.” “

The sources added, “The important point is that Iran has taken measures in the area of ​​enrichment, installed new centrifuges and Iran has started 60% enrichment in Fordow, which is a strong message to the US-European decision at the international level. Atomic Energy Agency.”

And she added, “The other Iranian solution is to establish two new chains (IR2M) and (IR4) in Natanz Fordo, which has reached an earlier stage of the enrichment process and will take several days to reach the enrichment process.”

“Two other important issues for Iran, which appear to be a decisive response to the IAEA’s decision, are the launch and installation of new centrifuges in two empty halls in Fordow and the Natanz facility in Isfahan province, central Iran,” she said.

Iranian sources pointed out that “these chambers were deprived of centrifuges due to Iran’s commitments in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Nuclear Weapons Agreement), so Iran installed centrifuges again in these two chambers and this is the fourth important step for Iran. The decision of the IAEA.” For nuclear power, the IR1 centrifuges at Fordow would be replaced by IR6, which appears to be a major blow to the US, as it would increase Iran’s nuclear capacity at the Fordow facility by 10 times.

“The nuclear steps taken by Iran in Natanz and Fordow came in response to a recent decision by the Agency’s Board of Governors. The Agency was informed and these measures were implemented in 2012. The Agency’s inspectors were present,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said at a press conference on Monday.

“The actions of the US, France, Britain and Germany in the agency show that they are still ready to interfere with Iran and the technical activities of the agency through political means, and in this regard Iran showed the necessary reaction as announced earlier,” Kanani added.

Last Thursday, the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency approved a resolution proposed by the United States of America and the European Troika. Iran was asked to explain to the agency where it found traces of enriched uranium.

The United States, Britain, Germany and France issued a joint statement on Friday, describing the Governing Council’s decision as a “clear message” to Iran.

Mojtaba Sadira

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