Integrity uncovered irregularities in the processing of five billion pieces of content in Diwania

You are now following the news Integrity has uncovered irregularities in the processing of five billion worth of material at Al-Diwaniyah and now with details

Baghdad – Yasin Safwan – In a statement obtained by Al-Khalij 365, the authority said, “The team of the Diwaniyah Investigation Office, which went to the water department in the governorate, was able to after examining the tender for a tender. Value of (5,000,000,000) billion dinars, violation of terms of supply and speculation To seek revelation.” Prepared by the Diwania Jal Department, then the beneficiary, one of the clauses of the tender is the supply of alum. (1,000,000,000) billion dinars, against the required specifications.

She added, “In a separate operation in the same department, the department reported that the team observed the distribution of prizes and receipts amounting to (233,000,000) million dinars which were distributed in violation of the law under “fake” receipts. Pointing out that the various exchange transactions were from previous years. .

The authority said, “The team caught an employee of Diwania Health Department – Medical Committee Department red-handed while taking bribe from the auditor, after realizing that the accused had struck a deal with the auditor to pay the bribe in return for completing the treatment of his disabled sister.”

Mojtaba Sadira

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