Increase in average value of funds allocated for environment, health and youth protection

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Cairo – Samia Saeed – The Planning and Budget Committee of the House of Representatives chaired by Representative Fakhry El-Feki observed the high rate of increase in the value of appropriations allocated to the areas of public order and public security, economic affairs. , environment protection, health, youth, culture and religious affairs, education for the financial year 2022/2023 compared to the previous financial year, it is equivalent to 60% of the number of sectors by 4%, 17%, 6.3%, respectively 17%, 6%, 3%.

This comes in the 2022/2023 financial year plans of the parliament, the general budget of the state, the budget of public financial institutions and the general report of the National Authority for Military Production for the financial year of the same financial year. year, which was approved by the House of Representatives.

The Planning Committee points out that in accordance with the provisions of Section 8 of the Act in Act No. 6 promulgating the Integrated Public Finance Act of 2022, the general budget of the State must be implemented…, and shall be classified according to each. Economic Classification, Job Classification and Administrative Classification…”

Units and apparatuses included in the general budget of the state pursuant to Article VI of Finance Minister Resolution No. 745 of 2005 on the General Budget and its Amendments by Ten Regions Act No. 1973 53 has been classified under Executive Rules. , Public Services – Defense and National Security – Public Order and Security Affairs Public – Economic Affairs – Environmental Protection – Housing and Community Facilities – Health – Youth, Culture and Religious Affairs – Education – Defense – Social.

It is noteworthy that the law approving the general budget of the state for the financial year 2022/2023, approved by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, estimates the total expenditure at 3,066,314,190,000 pounds (three trillion and six hundred billion, three hundred and fourteen million only). and one hundred and ninety thousand pounds).

The appropriations comprise seven chapters, namely, the first chapter on wages and workers’ compensation, and its provision in the budget is about £400 billion. The allocation of the second chapter on goods and services is about 125 billion and 600. million pounds, and the third chapter of interest installments is about 690 billion and 149 million pounds. For the fourth chapter on support, grants and social benefits, about 355 billion and 993 million pounds have been allocated for it, and the investment in the sixth chapter has been allocated 376 billion and 428 million pounds. The repayment of loan installments is about 965 billion and 488 million pounds.

The revenues of the general budget of the state and the proceeds from loans and sales of financial assets and other assets were approximately 1,542,675,640,000 pounds (one trillion five hundred and forty two billion six hundred and seventy five crores six hundred and forty thousand pounds only).

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