Incentives, Discounts and Guarantees for Waste Management Companies.. Know Details

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CAIRO – Samia Saeed – The law regulating waste management, without prejudice to the provisions of the investment law declared by Law No. 72 of 2017, authorized establishments, companies and individuals may allocate a percentage of not more than one to engage in integrated waste management activities. 10% of their annual net profit to strengthen integrated waste management systems.

Expenses and expenses incurred by these establishments, companies or authorized persons are deductible under the provisions of the Income Tax Act promulgated by Act No. 91 of 2005.

The competent minister shall issue a periodic update of the list of the best establishments or companies supporting the integrated waste management system and shall publish it in the manner specified by the implementing regulations of this Act.

Without prejudice to any benefits or guarantees set forth in any other law, companies and establishments to carry out integrated waste management operations with the benefits, guarantees, concessions and incentives provided in the Investment Law issued by Law No. 72 of 2017.

It is worth noting that the law defines a master plan for integrated management of waste, a detailed plan prepared by the administrative unit concerned with integrated management of solid waste in each competent administrative authority. Executive.

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