In the video.. commotion inside Baghdad airport and security forces enter the aircraft yard

You are now following video news… Chaos inside Baghdad airport as security forces storm plane yard and now with details

BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – According to a video spread on social media, “security forces entered the premises of Baghdad Airport by court order to seize the locations of stolen equipment and direct threats to the employees of the Masail company. Including graffiti, the perpetrators of which are punished under paragraph 4 of terrorism under the Anti-Terrorism Law.

In addition, employees working for the British company Masel said that “as soon as the police force entered the yard, Iraqi Airways employees fled the location of the stolen equipment, fearing accusations of theft, and wrote their names in the records. Disclosure.”

It is worth noting that the United Iraqi Company for Ground Services (MASEL) refused to withdraw its equipment and personnel from Baghdad International Airport following reports that it did not provide ground services to Iraqi Airways planes.

“Some Iraqi Airways employees stole the company’s equipment, while others asked Masel employees working in bag loading and unloading to leave their workplaces,” the company said in a statement.

In turn, Iraqi Airways said in a statement that the withdrawal of the foreign company that oversees the plane’s ground services almost disrupted flights at Baghdad airport.

She explained that Menzies (a company to which Massel is affiliated) left his duties without any justification and Iraqi Airways cadres began performing ground services for the national carrier’s aircraft, “after Menzies suddenly withdrew from his duties at Baghdad International Airport and without any warning.”

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