“Impressive” results for Iraq in kickboxing

You are now following the news of the “impressive” results for Iraq in kickboxing length, and now with details

Baghdad – Yassin Safwan – and our player Haider Muhammad failed to reach the finals beating the Algerian champion and won the silver medal. Athlete Hussain Nasif won Iraq’s first gold medal by lifting 54 kg in foul contact. Victory over his Jordanian opponent, and our player Ahmed Sadiq and Nizam added (51) kg weight (foul contact), another gold for Iraq.

Our athlete, Muhammad Matar, failed to win the silver medal in front of the Algerian, with a weight of (57) kg. Our player, Mostafa Karim, won the gold medal with “foul contact” and was snatched by Ali Naeem. Gold medal also for the “Bean” system with a weight of 71 kg.

Nayak Hussain Sabah defeated the Syrian by knockout at 86 (key one) to win gold, while 91kg champion Yusef Saleh was crowned gold (key one) and by knockout.

91 kg player Mohsin Ali won the silver medal in “Full Contact” system and our player Mustafa Talib won the knockout round over the Syrian in “Key-One” system and Ali Mujbil won the gold medal. “Key-One” system after defeating his Syrian rival.

In super heavyweight, our player Rami Adel won the gold medal by defeating the Jordanian player using the “full contact” system, and our player Ali Karim qualified for the finals in the semi-contact system.

Player Hussain Sami (Semi) qualified for the finals and Player Asad Alwan qualified for the finals after defeating his Palestinian counterpart.

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