I Have Not Drink Water For 17 Years Because Of My Health Fear (VIDEO)

You are now following the news of an Egyptian artist: I did not drink water for 17 years for fear of my health (video) and now with details

Baghdad – Yassin Safwan – and she added during her visit to the “Kalam Al-Nas” program: “Every time I drink water with my body feeling, it hurts me and my stomach hurts and I respond and feel my body. What hurts, and I must clarify that I am not a doctor or expert and this is my own system and may be very harmful to others.

And she added: We don’t have to drink water by mouth.. I eat a lot of water.. It’s through fruits and vegetables.. My body gets the required amount through it.

And she added: Those who drink water all the time are less likely to suffer from diseases in the long run.

Samah Anwar spoke about her reason for moving away from marriage and romantic relationships, noting that she was happy in her life when she was single, saying: I am enjoying being alone and I am at an age where love is not. I am one of the lazy people and I am used to home and I don’t like to go out unless I have a job.

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