How Barcelona Raised €600m In A Few Weeks To Restore Old Glories After Lionel Messi’s Exit

How Barcelona raised 600m euros in a few weeks to restore the old glories after the exit of Lionel Messi, #Barcelona #Raised #600m #Weeks #Restore #Glories #Lionel #Messi039s #Exit Welcome to the DIALOGUECENTRE.ORG BLOGHere are the latest news and popular news we have for you today: :

The Spanish club in an attempt to return to the old glory sold off their assets so they could sign new players.

Since Lionel Messi’s departure from the club in 2021, Barcelona has a hard time with 1.35 billion ($1.39 billion) debts.

Barcelona have spent €153m on transfer fees alone to strengthen their squad, with Robert Lewandowski being the most popular signing.

However, how Barcelona will raise the money to sign Lewandowski, Jules Kounde, Andreas Christensen, Franck Kessie and Raphinha has raised eyebrows.

To be able to invest in signings, Barcelona knew they needed to raise money quickly to challenge the budget. In fact, they are struggling with spending to meet La Liga’s financial controls.

In a disappointing move, Barcelona sold 25% of their domestic television rights to Sixth Street for 400 million euros over the next quarter century and 24.5% of the Barca studios. to for 100 million euros on August 1.

Another 25% of the Barça stadium was sold to the US investment firm, GDA Luma for €100m.

Amazingly, in a few weeks, Barcelona could collect €600m to fill the budget.

With this impressive turnaround, Barcelona are in good shape for a major title challenge as they prepare to host Rayo Vallecano this weekend at the Camp Nou.

Only time will tell if Barcelona’s economic miracle should actually turn into a football miracle.

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