Houthis celebrate Nakba Day and dependence on Iran

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Saudi Arabia – By Ayman al-Wash – The Houthi militia, a terrorist group loyal to Iran, held a celebratory event to mark the eighth anniversary of its uprising against legitimacy, mobilizing its supporters to march towards Sana’a’s Seventy Square.

The militia forced students, employees of state institutions, and neighborhoods in areas under its control to participate in the Day of Coup and Independence Day celebrations and military parades they organized.

MP Shawki al-Qadi said in a series of tweets on Twitter, “Among the achievements of the Houthi plight of September 21 are bombing houses, looting public and private funds, uprooting the identity of Yemenis and their republic, tearing apart the social. The fabric, the violation of Yemen and the threat to its unity, sovereignty, wealth, islands and ports, and the Iranian project and dependence on its mullahs in its disasters. Tehran is disruptive to Arab societies.

He added, “Among their crimes is the disaster of September 21, 2014, in which prisons and clandestine kidnappers abducted more than 1,700 disappeared women, and among its disasters, 6 million children are at risk of being deprived of education, and 2. million children are out of education, and the Yemeni people have lost The cost is over $126 billion. and other disasters and crimes.

He concluded his tweet, “War and destruction, canceling Yemen’s project to create a federal Yemen according to the results of the National Dialogue Council, republican, civil and democratic values, and planting trees is one of the successes. 2.3 million mines.”

On that, the SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms said, “The Houthi militia’s insurgency against state institutions and entities has opened the door to evil and plunged the country into a state of chaos, insecurity, denial of rights, and violations of individual rights in a grave and unprecedented manner in modern history. Yemen on September 21 She indicated in a statement issued yesterday as Yemen enters the eighth year of a protracted conflict that began with the uprising of the Houthi group against the government, which has turned the country into the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

In its statement, the organization added, “Yemeni lands are being contested by local and regional parties,” stressing that “the Houthi group seized state institutions and their desire for exclusive power as a divine right – as they claim – and Saleh’s revenge. After he was forced to step down, his on the people, and the chaos and confusion of the Arab coalition in pursuing its interests and achieving the goals for which it intervenes, the apparent incompetence of the Yemeni government and the bullying of many armed militias, a real tragedy has occurred in Yemen that threatens to disintegrate.

Houthi disaster in Yemen:

1,700 women in prison.

6 million children are at risk of being deprived of education.

2 million children are out of school.

$126 billion in economic losses.

2.3 million mines.

Mines killed 2,526 Yemenis.

Yemeni scenes

  • Observers have described the Houthi militia’s celebration on September 21 as superstitious.
  • Houthi militias continue looting businessmen and companies in the name of coup d’état.
  • Houthi mines threaten civilian lives in most Yemeni governorates.

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