“His father’s wife strangled him.” Wasit Crime Reveals Details Of “Made Up” Murder (Photos)

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You are now following “His father’s wife suffocated” news.. Wasit crime “committed” murder revealed (photos) and now with details

Baghdad – Yasin Safwan – Governorate Police Directorate in a statement obtained by Al-Khalij 365 said, “Through vigorous security efforts and continuous work, the Wasit Crime Control uncovered a mysterious murder, where the accused killed a minor victim, her husband’s son.” “Strangled” by a family dispute with her husband.

“The evidence was exposed and it was true, and it was criminalized under the provisions of Section 406 of premeditated murder,” she explained, noting that “legal measures have been taken against the accused and referred to competent courts. She should get a just punishment.”

Mojtaba Sadira

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