Harmonization of conditions of unlicensed factories..7 Parliamentary recommendations for promotion of small scale projects

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Cairo – Samia Saeed – The state attaches great importance to the benefit of medium, small and micro enterprises, as they are the locomotive of industrial development, and the project committee in the House of Representatives has recommended working in an integrated framework to advance small and medium enterprises. Industries are the true nucleus of the industrial sector.

Among the achievements noted in favor of “small enterprises”, the issuance of the first law for the development of small and medium enterprises, which represents a great qualitative leap and leap for the entire sector, and Law No. 152 of 2020, aims to integrate the informal sector into the official system of the state and the purpose of the law is the country and To support and encourage projects in the interest of the citizens, stimulate the economy, attract investment, create employment opportunities for the youth, and increase the services, privileges and facilities provided by the state to these projects, support expansion based projects, increase productivity and capacity and establish projects. Reduction of customs duties on imported equipment and machinery required to do so.

The recommendations of the Small Projects Committee for the benefit of the sector were:

Faster harmonization of unlicensed factories and better planning for unplanned industrial zones in collaboration with Ministry of Local Development and General Authority for Industrial Development.

Connecting small companies and Egypt’s digital innovation centers that play a major role in creating a qualified workforce.

– The need to update the ideology and performance of workers and reconsider land prices.

– Consider setting a grace period of 3 years as long as the investor operates and produces and then pays after this period.

Reconsider the value of a standard cost charge.

13 Involvement of Governor and Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises Development Agency in Marketing of Units in Industrial Complexes.

Establishment of Enterprise Development Authority branches in various governorates.

Mojtaba Sadira

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