Government investment of 10.8 billion pounds in Aswan Governorate in the 22/23 plan

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Cairo – Samia Saeed – Aswan Governorate has been allocated 10.8 billion pounds of government forms in the economic and social development plan for the year 22/23, of which 87.5% is financed by the public treasury.

The largest percentage (46.7 percent), followed by other service sectors at 7 and 17%, followed by transportation, storage and healthcare sectors at 13.3% and 9.2% respectively.

The most important projects in the plan in terms of agriculture and land reform in the governorate are the completion of the Sheikh Zayed Canal in the southern part of the valley, increasing the efficiency of the water management system, conserving, developing and protecting the Nile River basin, and establishing, supporting and rehabilitating major facilities on sewage.

Rehabilitation, renovation and establishment of industrial works of canals, completion of national project for rehabilitation and lining of canals, protection and strengthening of High Dam Reservoir and Aswan Reservoir, completion of works. Prevention of sand dune movement, and development of sugarcane cultivation using seedling and drip irrigation.

For transportation and storage projects, the plan projects include the completion of the regional road east of the Nile (first phase of 4.6 km to the new industrial area in Aswan, completion of duplication and increasing the efficiency of the western desert road). 50 km length, and completion of an alternative bridge axis to the Aswan Reservoir on the Nile).

The plan included other service projects such as replacing and renovating existing mosques in the governorate, completing administrative prosecution buildings and solid waste systems, increasing the efficiency of government slaughterhouses, establishing new slaughterhouses through the protocol of the Ministry of Housing (a central agency). for reconstruction), replacement and renovation of headquarters of local units, completion of support and development of regulatory bodies and replacement, renovation and development of employment offices and job opportunities, street lighting in various cities, internal road paving, transportation system. Development, fire and civil defense and development of river and land rescue systems.

The wastewater project was the relocation and renovation of wastewater networks and stations, with the aim of increasing their efficiency to take advantage of the design capacity of the stations, an initiative to increase water containers to rehabilitate eight wastewater treatment plants. Egypt, initiative of wastewater projects for urban communities and national project to extend wastewater services to villages in the governorate. Aswan.

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