German “exceptional joy” with the victory of the “extreme right” in Italy.

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Aden – Yasmin Abdullah Al-Tohmi – The far-right in Germany is experiencing exceptional jubilation after Italy’s far-right party won parliamentary elections on the principle of “My Brother’s Day, My Eid”.

As exit polls were published on Sunday evening, leaders of the far-right Alternative for Germany party rushed to congratulate Brothers of Italy party leader Giorgia Meloni after her coalition won the assembly election.

“We are celebrating with Italy,” MP Beatrix von Storch wrote on Twitter on Sunday evening.

And she added: “Sweden to the north and Italy to the south: left-wing governments are a thing of the past.”

Malte Kaufman, a leading politician from the same party, said: “Good days for Italy, good days for Europe.”

On the contrary, the most prominent politician of the Alternative for Germany party, Alice Wiedel, said: “Congratulations to Georgina Meloni on her victory in the elections in Italy… After Sweden, it was also clear in Italy: citizens want different and orderly policies.”

Commenting on this, the German author, Robert Mayer, said that the jubilation and congratulatory program and ideas showed the unanimity of extremist country groups in Europe and the self-awareness that what happened in Italy could happen anywhere else.

“Common threads can be found in all far-right reactions to the election results in Italy, whether they come from the AfD or the French National Front.”

He added: “In all the reactions, criticism has been emphasized, which amounts to a complete rejection of the European Union project as an element of agreement among far-right parties across Europe.”

“However, it is at least doubtful whether Meloni as the new head of the Italian government will be able to support this anti-European propaganda with concrete measures.”

He explained that: “Italy is very dependent on the European Union economically… Italy alone has received 192 billion euros from the European Union Recovery Fund, which was created in 2021 to reduce the economic and social consequences of the Corona epidemic.”

“Italy’s high debt challenges the ability of any right-wing government to exert direct pressure on Brussels,” he added.

Far-right parties showed progress in Italy’s election on Sunday, including Giorgia Meloni.

With the verdict, Italy, the third-largest economy in the European Union and one of its founding members, takes a sharp turn to the right, opening the door for a woman who admired fascist leader Benito Mussolini – to become first lady. Prime Minister in the history of this country.

Meloni would begin forming a coalition government dominated by right-wing politicians, the most extreme in the country’s history since the end of World War II.

His accession to power would also close Italy’s borders, which land on the country’s shores for thousands of migrants each year, raising fears among non-governmental organizations working to rescue clandestine migrants crossing the sea.

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