Find out who has priority in getting immigration and job opportunities abroad

Cairo – Samia Said – Immigration and Sponsorship of Egyptians Abroad Law states that “certificate and qualification course holders of the training centers referred to in items A and B of Article 5 of this law shall be given priority to obtain migration or work opportunities abroad. According to the necessary requirements and specializations concerned ministries and agencies

Section 5 States

The Immigration High Committee mentioned in the previous article is specialized in the following matters::

Studying the establishment of special centers to train repeaters in immigration, especially agriculture and industry.

Rules for the establishment, organization of their work and joining of these centers are issued by decisions of ministries and agencies concerned without prejudice to the right of the private sector to provide training opportunities in industrial, handicraft and manufacturing units, while encouraging training in these sectors..

Study the organization of special courses to qualify aspirants. Organizing these courses and specifying their programs will be issued by a decision of the Minister for Immigration Affairs..

Working to provide the cultural, media and national literature needs of Egyptians living abroad that preserve their ties to the homeland, provide a means of spreading the Arabic language to their children, and support the efforts of Egyptian religious authorities to reach deeper into the Egyptian people. Spiritual heritage among Egyptians abroad..

Recommending the facilities to be provided to migrants abroad, whether before their journey, during their stay abroad or on temporary or permanent repatriation..

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